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La Salle Technova Barcelona
C/ Sant Joan de la Salle, 42 - 08022 Barcelona
Tel. 93 290 24 96
Contact person: Josep M Piqué


The mission of La Salle Innovation Park is to meet the commitment which La Salle has forged with People, Organizations and Society by stimulating and managing the Transfer of Knowledge, Technology, People and Businesses. The Park is an intermediary structure within the Innovation System in the Science-Technology-Business-Market chain which aims to promote business competitiveness from the university through its technological, logical and physical platforms. The Park offers an innovation base for synergies and interaction between research teams, technological centres, innovation groups and new companies and also exhibits the latest developments and technological innovations. La Salle Innovation Park presides the XPCAT (Red catalana de Parques – Network of Scientific and Technological Parks of Catalonia) and is a full member of APTE (Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España - Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks) and IASP (International Association of Science parks). La Salle has created its International Network to contribute to the internationalization of the knowledge-based economy, serving as a link to the Global Innovation System.
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