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Any institution interested in joining the Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalonia should send the following details:
- Name of the Park or Institution proposed
- Details of the contact person
- Please send documentation about your project, spaces, infrastructures, management team, institutions, companies, programs and activities you are working on.
by email:

Name of the Park / Organization who want to become a member
Contact person’s name
Position in the Organization
Telephone Email
Short description of the activities
By Name of Parks
By Research Areas
By Services

Catalan Network of Science and Technology Parks - -
Administración y Oficina Técnica: Centro de Empresas de Nuevas Tecnologias B-27, Parque Tecnológico del Vallés - 08290 Cerdanyola T: 93 582 45 45
Sede Social: Parque Científico de Barcelona, Baldiri Reixac, 10-12 - 08028 Barcelona -  -